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PreRoll Post (Mac) is an LTFS archiving application for Mac users. Create secure archives of media with a searchable database for future retrieval.
Multiple verification options offer different security and speed preferences.


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PreRoll Post allows you to you back-up / archive to a hard drive and LTO tapes simultaneously whilst creating a visual index, complete with thumbnails, proxies and metadata.

With a user interface that allows for users to browse and select files or 'Drag & Drop' function, archiving is simple and easy. Add individual files, folders or discs.

Though PreRoll post software has been specifically optimised for video files you can archive any file type.

PreRoll Post (Mac) can automatically span tapes if your data exceeds the capacity of one tape. When this happens, the software will attempt to divide the data in a manner that doesn’t create a dependency between tapes. In other words, known video volumes or data folders will not be split between tapes if possible.


Schedule Incremental Backups with PreRoll Post (Mac)
PreRoll Post can make scheduled backups that can be full backups or incremental. Set up one or more watch folder(s), assign the start time, frequency and type of backing up (full or incremental). In incremental mode, each time the backup is invoked the watch folder(s) will be analysed to determine which files are new or different from prior backups and only those will be copied.

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