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myLTO is a simple to use LTFS copy application for Mac users. Create two or more LTO tapes at once using a dual drive or daisy chain single drives. Name and define new folders for each job or add files to existing folders.


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myLTO for Mac is an automated copy utility application. myLTO works with any content, is not specific to video files, however it is optimised for that purpose.

Copying media to LTO tapes doesn't just have to happen at the end of the project.

With ever increasing speeds, higher capacities and easy to use LTFS software - LTO tapes, written with myLTO, are a great alternative or addition to hard drives providing scalable, highly reliable and secure deliverables, as well as long-term storage.

myLTO software by Imagine Products takes advantage of the Linear File Transfer System (LTFS), developed by IBM.

myLTO controls deck functions, such as formatting and mounting tapes, and copy operations onto LTO tape. With a simple, easy to use interface files can be drag & dropped into the queue.

With the software you may choose to make additional copies of your assets onto multiple LTO drives and local hard disks at the same time.

myLTO will check and correct all files to ensure they adhere to the LTFS standards. Checksum values are calculated (e.g. XXHash, MD5, etc.) and thumbnails and video metadata is extracted to generate CSV, TXT and PDF reports.

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